At the Church in Mamelodi we are Gospel-centered. That means everything that we do has its foundation in, flows from, “the Gospel.” The Gospel is the greatest news ever announced to man. It is the proclamation that The God of the universe has sent His beloved Son in order to die for sinful man and by faith in his finished work on the cross we can actually get to have a relationship with this God


Another value that guides us is that we are Disciple-Making. Our Lord Jesus in Mathew 28 gave the Church its marching orders by defining what it is that the church is supposed to be doing. Making disciples is a daily, life-long commitment of those who call themselves Christians. t is our commitment to teach men and women all that Jesus commanded his church to believe and do.


In fulfilling the great commission especially in Mamelodi it is our joy to demonstrate how Christians live. We do this not just by saying it and speaking it but by showing the compassion of Christ. We seek to speak the truth of the Gospel in ways that will make sense to the people of Mamelodi. We also want to affirm the common grace of God as it is seen in the culture of Mamelodi. It is therefore an implication of the Gospel.